Welcome to the magical circle of wealth creation through equities!

The Wealth Circle is a sincere attempt from my side to share insights into various opportunities within the Indian Equity market with investors who seek sincere and meaningful inputs in their journey of wealth creation.
Over the years, I have realised that creating wealth through investing into equities, especially the small caps and mid caps is fraught with a lot of risk and uncertainties, owing to the lack of information available on performance of some of these investible companies. However, if one were to go that extra mile in terms of researching some of the smaller companies in our markets and overcome the lack of adequate data on these businesses, one is likely to identify very good opportunities to invest into.
“PD’s Wealth Circle” is my attempt at playing the role of an Investment Evangelist by sharing the hardwork that we as a team put in, into identifying promising ideas and opportunities before the rest of the market does! And for my views on important developments in the markets, keep a regular tab on the BULLETIN BOARD where I would be sharing my thoughts on a regular basis.

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